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Green Connections Media CEO and acclaimed journalist, business leader, coach and speaker, Joan Michelson, based in Washington, DC provides insights about the latest innovations in energy, climate, sustainability technologies, policies, trends and opportunities – and career advice, especially for women.

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  • Work in energy, climate, sustainability or corporate responsibility – or want to – especially if you’re a woman.
  • Want to learn about the technologies, policies, people and trends shifting us to a clean energy, sustainable economy.
  • Want to learn about innovation as a process and using it to make the world a better place.
  • Want insightful, nuanced career advice (in any stage or industry), especially if you’re female or in another under-represented group.

On the Electric Ladies podcast, Joan and her talented guests have enlightening and engaging conversations about: Innovation, technologies, policy, leadership, and careers in every industry from batteries to fashion to money and investing – and how they are affecting our lives and our livelihoods. Always bringing a new perspective. (This show was formerly known as Green Connections Radio and those episodes are accessible here too.)

Electric Ladies guests include: Fortune 500 C-suite executives, top government and nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and journalists. (Click here for a list of past guests.)

On the Electric Ladies podcast, Joan Michelson interviews women innovators and leaders in energy, climate and corporate responsibility. (This show was formerly known as Green Connections Radio.)

We talk about innovation, careers, technologies, policy, and leadership – in every industry from batteries to fashion to money and investing.

We talk about how they affect our lives and our livelihoods and always bring a new perspective.
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We coach individuals on career issues, ranging from feeling stuck, to wanting a raise or promotion, to being in a transition, to wanting to change industries, or starting a new job.

We specialize in women in STEM careers. If you want to write a book, we have a unique coaching program for that too.

We also coach groups, for example in Mastermind Groups, where our participants also help each other.
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Our CEO and Host of the Electric Ladies podcast, Joan Michelson, writes about energy and climate issues, innovation, and careers, especially for women in STEM fields, including her popular articles in Forbes.

Our CEO and Host of the Electric Ladies podcast, Joan Michelson, is a dynamic speaker on innovation, growing a clean energy and sustainable economy, and women’s advancement.

She does keynotes, hosting/emceeing events, webcasts, moderating of panels, or workshops and trainings.

We work with organizations in our extensive network to create powerful and creative partnerships to advance their mutual goals.

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Why our show is called Electric Ladies:

  • We believe women leaders and innovators are dynamic, and “super-charge” results in every industry.
  • We believe innovation and creativity “electrify” organizations and drive growth.
  • We focus on innovations in all types of energy and electricity, and on climate/eco-conscious solutions across industries.
  • We believe these eco-conscious solutions can “super-charge” job creation and drive economic growth for everyone.
  • Our content and coaching advice can “super-charge” your career – especially if you are in mid-career and want to make a difference – with valuable industry knowledge and career advice.


With Electric Ladies podcast, you can reach eco-conscious consumers and business buyers, especially women.
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Reach eco-conscious consumers and business buyers, especially women, with the Electric Ladies podcast and brand. Click here for more info.


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