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(Washington, DC, September 28, 2021) Joan Michelson, CEO of Green Connections Media LLC, officially announced at the MOVE Conference that their acclaimed podcast has been rebranded and relaunched as Electric Ladies podcast, with a completely new website at The podcast, based in the Washington, DC metro area and formerly known as Green Connections Radio, has engaging and enlightening interviews with top women leaders in every industry about energy and sustainability innovation, and provides career advice. Electric Ladies guests include: Fortune 500 C-suite executives, top government and nonprofit leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, artists, and journalists. Topics range from technologies to transportation, fashion, buildings, data analytics, policy, and ESG investing.

Michelson is moderating a panel at the MOVE Conference at the Palmer Center in Austin, TX on September 28, 2021 called “Innovative business models to make mobility more equitable” at 12:20pCT, with Payam Safa, CEO of Obi, Rodolfo Dieck, Managing Director of Proeza Ventures, and Carey Anne Nadeau, Co-CEO of Loop.


“I’m delighted to announce the launch of our podcast rebrand as “Electric Ladies” at MOVE and want to thank my amazing team and website developers at Skoshe for their creativity and hard work on our gorgeous new site,” Michelson says. “The new website has all my 300+ fascinating podcast interviews, hundreds of articles on Forbes and in other outlets, and information about our coaching programs. These help people stay abreast of how top players are transitioning us to a clean energy economy. We give valuable, nuanced career advice in each episode too, especially for women.”

Renowned media coach and author of the bible for audio talent, “Beyond Powerful Radio,” Valerie Geller says, “Articulate, passionate, and driven, Joan Michelson brings sharp intelligence and wit to these conversations that cover the full range of issues, not just problem, but solutions for women, the environment and all things to make life better for all.” Geller has trained hundreds of the best broadcast talent across the globe for 20 years.

Electric Ladies podcast is also now at the top of the new Climate category on iHeartRadio podcasts – the only podcast platform with a Climate category – and on the Podcasts DC platform from Hubbard Media, home of WTOP, as well as on Apple Podcasts.


About Electric Ladies and Green Connections Media LLC

Joan Michelson, GCM CEO and Electric Ladies podcast host, is an accomplished journalist, career coach, speaker and business leader. She writes for Forbes and has been published in HuffPost,, Harvard Business Review, Greenbiz, and WTOP, including on air, and many others. She held communications leadership roles at Chrysler’s Global Electric Motorcars, Deloitte and American Express. She coaches mid-career women who want to up-level their careers and/or gain more professional satisfaction. GCM consulting clients range from corporates to government agencies, nonprofits and small businesses. As a speaker, Michelson has addressed audiences at the Defense Department, U.S. Naval Academy, Lincoln Center, Greenbiz and Global Council for Science and the Environment conferences, and many other corporate, professional and nonprofit events, in keynotes, and/or as an emcee, moderator and/or panelist.

Joan Michelson is available for interviews at the MOVE conference this week and over Zoom or other media anytime. Contact her at +1.702.806.3690 for urgent requests, or anytime here, on the “Contact Us” page.