Mastermind Groups

You can join our Mastermind or work one-on-one with Joan and benefit from her extensive, influential network too!

Our group members and coaching clients have LOTS of “ah-ha” moments, make terrific new contacts, share new helpful resources, and evolve to new places!

We can customize Mastermind Groups for your organization’s teams too.

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Why Mastermind Groups? :

You can shift into high gear – with fresh ideas, contacts, strategies, resources and perspectives!

We share tips and strategies from the remarkably talented women who have been guests on our acclaimed podcast, Electric Ladies Podcast….and sometimes they join our Mastermind groups as members or guest speakers!

We will help you:

  • Move forward on your goals – holding you accountable for actions you want and need to take.
  • With fresh ideas for overcoming obstacles and finding solutions — and share fresh time-saving tips.
  • Find new resources and communications strategies.
  • Look at your choices differently and ask different questions.
  • See new opportunities.
  • Mine your network and accomplishments to date for content and sources that will make the book more successful.
  • Achieve measurable success!

That’s what our Mastermind Groups do for you! We hold you accountable to yourself.

You are not alone!! in weekly calls, we keep you focused on getting where you want to go, one decision, one conversation, one project… one step at a time. You’ll have homework each week too, to help increase your self-awareness, shift your perspective and try new strategies to move your goals forward.

Joan Michelson GCM CEO, host of Electric Ladies Podcast, Forbes contributor, executive coach and social impact consultant, will lead the group, bringing tools and strategies she uses with her private coaching and consulting clients (and some she’ll be sharing in her forthcoming book) to support your goals.

You’ll also learn from other members of the Mastermind Group, who are also mid-to-senior level professional women with their own contacts, success strategies and resources to help you.

Whether you work in a Fortune 500 company, government, nonprofit or academia, or are an entrepreneur, you can benefit directly from their experience, tips, strategies and resources to achieve your goals by participating in our unique Mastermind Groups!

Have you wished you had people you trust who are experienced business people not connected to your job to bounce ideas around with? Here we are!

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