Book coaching

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You see all these other speakers and consultants with books to sell and think, “I need a book. I want a book.”

You’re a Consultant. You’re a Speaker. You’re an Expert. ….. Or, you feel like you have a book inside you.

Would being an “author” – having your own book – help your business? Absolutely!

Does the idea of writing a book seem overwhelming? Time-consuming? Daunting?

What if you could have a trusted guide and coach who could help you write the book – and written in a way that would help grow your business?

“This note is to recommend Joan Michelson in her capacity as a consultant, advisor, and book coach.Joan was extremely helpful in assisting me in developing my overall marketing strategy and ‘voice’ in the industry. She also catalyzed my efforts relating to a book project that I had been pondering for quite some time…Joan encouraged me to reflect on how my insights and experiences would fit into the overall story, and helped me build the outline and narrative structure….This collaboration eventually led to development of a lengthy draft, which was accepted by a top literary agent whom I met through an introduction from Joan.”

Peter K.

Enter Joan Michelson, CEO of Green Connections Media.

Joan brings her 20+ years of corporate marketing and communications with Fortune 500 companies like Deloitte, Chrysler and American Express, book coaching, and journalism experience with major media to be your trusted book coach.

Her book coaching clients have landed top literary agents who have a list of best-sellers, and with great publishers. Her clients launched with strong events and media outreach, and sold more books than they expected.

Joan’s work has landed various organizations she has worked with on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, and major coverage in Time magazine, and on “The Today Show,” among many others, including internationally.

Joan’s own media currently appears regularly on and has been seen in:

Book Coaching Services

Even if you’re publishing with a hybrid publisher, you still need a proposal. Why do you need a book proposal? What makes a good one? Listen to Joan explain it on Juliet Clark’s “Promote Profit Publish” podcast here (you’ll want to take notes):

Unearthing and writing the book within you that can support your business, life and career goals.

Over the course of weekly calls, we’ll clearly define the book you want to write and your unique writing voice and style.

We’ll integrate your business/career goals into your book.

Joan will guide you through the whole program, from book idea to outline, to chapters to book proposal, to full manuscript, depending upon your own writing rhythm and time commitment.

Joan will also support you with access to her extensive network of potential experts to feature in your book, and literary agents and publishers.

Joan’s support does not end when you sign a publisher. You can benefit from her extensive marketing and media career to make sure your book development and launch are a success as well.


Weekly calls and selected research and emails

The first month involves weekly calls of about 1.5 hours in duration and my spending time doing research and information gathering to support developing your niche and book concept, as well as your book project’s success. Each book is unique, so the research and preparation for each one is equally unique.

Each week after the first month, during our calls we would discuss the part of the book you are working on that week and the prior week and address obstacles, angles, research, and other relevant issues to support your developing the book successfully, from images and/or graphics to stories, from evolving the outline to the actual text writing.  We would integrate your “regular” business and work or personal interest activities where relevant as well. During the week, we may be in touch via email on small issues that pop up as you’re writing that we can address in a few minutes.

Once a certain amount of the book is drafted, I would then support you in drafting the book proposal and explore getting feedback on it.

Once the book is drafted and in the hands of the publisher, we kick into higher gear on the marketing of the book, promoting it creatively, in coordination with the publisher and agent.