A Zero Carbon Footprint Home: Interview with Sheri Koones

Sheri Koones
“Prefabulous” series author, Sheri Koones

How do you get a zero footprint home? What is the biggest barrier to this? Homes and buildings use 40 percent of energy in the US – an astonishing number but author Sheri Koones shows us another way. Her series of books, “Prefabulous” take you into the unlimited possibilities offered by prefabrication to build incredibly energy-efficient, green homes that are as beautiful as they are green.  Find out what is different in her latest book, “Prefabulous World” and what builders in Europe are doing that we are not doing here in the US and what would really drive a behavior change. Her books are helping to reduce the carbon footprint of our homes and the planet in their beautiful design (gorgeous photos with lots of detail) and information. This is just part of the reason Robert Redford got involved. She shares that experience and more in this interview.