‘Shark Tank’ winner, Andrea Sreshta

Andrea Sreshta (left) and Anna Stork on ‘Shark Tank’
Photo: Kelsey McNeal / ABC

Listen to this exciting interview with recent ‘Shark Tank’ winner, Andrea Sreshta. She and her business partner were awarded $200K from Mark Cuban (and his support) for their product, LuminAID, a solar powered inflatable light. In response to the massive earthquake in Haiti, LuminAID was born out of the need the two saw for one of life’s basic necessities – light. Hear more about the beginnings of LuminAID and where the inventors got their initial funding. What other disaster areas have been helped by the light-weight, compact and waterproof lantern? What have the two young entrepreneurs learned from their journey and from their most recent success on the popular TV show, ‘Shark Tank’? Joan Michelson has a conversation with Andrea from the ARPA-E 2015 Innovation Summit.
LuminAid solar inflatable light
LuminAid solar inflatable light