Cut Through the Noise: Straight Talk from Dani Ticktin Koplik

Dani Ticktin Koplik
Dani Ticktin Koplik

The clean, green economy is launching a slew of new businesses and business models that have not existed before.  What are the leadership issues in managing such a new industry?  How can we navigate this new space? Dani Ticktin Koplik, principal of dtkResources is the perfect person to discuss this with.  A leadership coach who combines sports psychology with brain science with marketing and business acumen and a straight-talking style, Dani shared invaluable insight for anyone who has or is looking to change industries. You’ll want to hear the top three things to know going in that will lead you to excel in your new environment and for women, she’ll clue you in on the “Girl Traps” and the three most fundamental skills to hone.

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