Oyster Farming – Kay Olin, Panacea Oyster Cooperative

Oyster Farming – Kay Olin, Panacea Oyster CooperativeWhen we see the menu in an oyster bar, we see a list of sources of oysters from across the globe. Usually we order a couple each from different sources. But Florida oyster farms are not likely on the menu – yet. Where restaurants and markets obtain their oysters from matters – in taste, price, access, and economic development.

Listen to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson’s fascinating discussion with oyster farming entrepreneur (and former long-time radio industry executive) Kay Olin, who moved back to Florida with her husband after leaving radio and discovered the joys and economic development benefits of oyster farming.

You’ll learn a lot about oysters and farming them that is a business lesson, as well as a lesson in one of the world’s favorite delicacies:

For more information about Kay Olin herself, please visit this website: http://olinandassociates.com/index.php/category/kay-olin/
To learn more about Kay Olin, Panacea Oyster Cooperative and Green Connections Radio, go to www.greenconnectionsradio.com.

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