Marketing Nat’l Lab Inventions – Dr. Karina Edmonds, Tech Transfer, Dept of Energy

At Risk in the Nat’l Labs – Dr. Karina Edmonds, Tech Transfer, Dept of EnergyWith the Department of Energy innovation budgets under attack by the Trump administration, including the National Laboratories that invented most of the stuff we take for granted, we think it’s a good time to re-air our episode on what the National Labs actually do and how their inventions get to market.
The Trump-Perry DOE was led by political appointees who seem to have no regard for science and lack basic management skills – read Michael Lewis in-depth reporting in Vanity Fair on their first months on the job – which is puzzling considering many of them allegedly come from a business background.
What’s at risk? The technology that “put the jolt in the Chevy Volt,” for example, removed lead from use in anything soldered, improved our roofs and, yes, started the technology that became the Internet.

Listen to Dr. Karina Edmonds, Technology Transfer Coordinator for the Department of Energy — now at Google — speak about innovations from the National Laboratories that are solving our energy challenges.

You’ll learn:

  • What the National Labs do and how
  • Innovations coming from there
  • How these inventions come to market.
  • What entrepreneurs can learn from them.
  • How you can license them to benefit your business
 And career insights…..(Note, This episode is longer than usual, but well worth it!)
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