Socially Responsible Investing – Barbara Krumsiek, Calvert Investments

Do you want to invest with principle — and earn great financial returns too?
As the stock market hits all-time highs, and the Trump administration reduces regulations on financial institutions, automakers, water polluters and fossil fuel companies, among a long list, we have to take a more active role in managing our portfolios if we want them to reflect our environmental and clean energy values AND make a great return.
So, what to do?
Listen to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson’s previous interview with a leader in socially-responsible investing, Barbara Krumsiek who was the CEO of Calvert Investments for a long time (and is now retired). Barbara candidly discusses the pros and cons of socially-responsible investing (SRI), which is now mainstream, thanks in part to Calvert and Krumsiek. But what if you’re new to it like most of us are?