Gifting with Purpose

Holdster $26.95

We are so happy to have Jules Pieri of The Grommet back to share unique gifts just in time for the Holiday shopping season. The Grommet is an ecommerce site that sells “distinctive products made by real people with stories and values worth sharing.” The following is a round-up of these offerings, all unique and made with purpose – each product comes with a story. Gift guilt-free and exercise your consumer power by supporting green, local, made in the USA, and under-represented entrepreneurs such as women and the over-60 demographic. The Grommet holiday catalog has a full range for buffs of all kinds and everyone on your list – something for the cook, the kids, the host/hostess, the wall, the wine- lover and more. All of the items below can be found at The Grommet Holiday Catalog HERE.  Plus a few more, we’ve found from around the web.

1. Hand-crafted: Earlywood Designs offers these hand-crafted wooden cooking utensils that are beautiful and functional and come in sets of your choice. Choose from wood combinations such as Mexican Ebony, Bloodwood and Jatoba. Beautiful and made form a renewable resource, they will last for generations. Now you’re cooking with class! $32

2. Wine Time: For the entertainers and wine lovers in your life, the Savino Wine Saver Carafe keeps wine fresh up to a week after opening. Made of glass, no need to waste the vintage or pressure to finish the bottle. $49.95

3. Art lovers: A map like no other. Lake Art. Unique framed 3D wood art pieces. Each map is a bathymetric depth chart representation of your favorite lake, including roads and water details. Maps feature facts about the lake including: Lake Area, Deepest Point, Lake Volume and Shoreline. $325

4. Hack the food basket: Supported internally by a structured folding frame, the Packbasket is perfect for all your carrying needs. Adjustable padded straps for comfort and unique construction allows the Packbasket to quickly fold flat for convenient storage. Never use plastic again. $29.95

5. Gadget lovers: With the Ecotonix Compost Shredder composting is quick and convenient. This composter shreds your food scraps to the ideal size for composting, speeding up compost time and preserving more of the valuable nutrients your plants need. $109.95

6. Hipster Holdster: So cool! Mason jar included in purchase, this insulating leather sleeve with handle is now your mug for any beverage, hot or cold. The Holdster slips onto a standard wide- mouth mason jar. $26.95

7. Our perennial favorite: A natural alternative to plastic wraps, Bees Wax uses the warmth of your hands to mold around bread or around the top of a large bowl or dish. The antibacterial properties of the beeswax and jojoba oil help to keep food fresh. Gift your holiday breads in this for a lovely presentation. $15

8. Uncle Goose: Beautifully crafted with sustainable Michigan basswood and printed with non-toxic, child-safe inks, this classic children’s toy still makes for an educational and timeless gift. $34

9. Everyday Artifacts: Sterling silver pendants that capture your favorite everyday icons. Handcrafted in Santa Fe, New Mexico using methods and materials with “low impact on the environment, but truly have a high impact on the human spirit”. $34

More Green Gifts from around the Web

The Buzz: The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) is working to recover the struggling bee population and you can help. NRDC, in conjunction with Seedles, will donate bee-friendly wildflower kits to classrooms which will plant wildflowers on behalf of your gift recipient. NRDC $25

Solar Tea Kettle: Perfect for home energy saving, camping, travel, emergency preparedness. The Sunrocket Solar Kettle is a portable solar powered hot water kettle and thermos. It holds 500ml (17 ounces) of water and can heat in as little as 30 minutes. Eartheasy $59.50

 Sun Burn Alert: The Netatmo alerts users when the skin has had too much exposure to the sun. It’s specific to your skin type, and it’s even fashionable.  It syncs with an iOS device and “monitors UV intensity, tracks daily habits and advises women how to better take care of their skin.”  $99