Design Thinking For A Sustainable Food Supply – Dole’s Innovation Officer

Dr. Lara Ramdin, Chief Innovation Officer of Dole Sunshine Foods, said that thinking about redesigning the food system and packaging fruits and vegetables can help address both food insecurity and climate change. ”Read More

COP26: Why Addressing Climate Change Requires New Metrics And Women

To address climate change, Dame Ellen MacArthur told the COP26 audience that the economy needs to serve society and nature. Countries & companies pledged trillions of dollars to pivot to net zero. We need new metrics and new thinking to do so — especially from women. Here’s why.Read More

The UN’s New Direction, New Purpose In 2021, COP26

As NPR’s Frank Langfitt put it, “You have farmers, trade unionists, climate activists, even Scottish independence advocates – a wide-ranging coalition of people coming together…. to send a message to the people, the leaders inside the climate summit that they’re unhappy with what they’re hearing …Read More

Is GFANZ The ‘GPS’ We Need To Finally Address Climate Change? COP26

“Follow the money,” instructed Bob Woodward’s secret source during Watergate. The same is true to address climate change. Enter the Global Financial Alliance For Net Zero. Its goal is to hold the financial community accountable for its pivotal role in funding the transition to a net zero economy.Read More

What The U.S. Can Learn From Europe To Address Climate Change, From COP26

Though President Biden, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and an array of world leaders announced agreements to address climate change at their World Leaders Summit at COP26 yesterday, it’s not enough. What can the U.S. learn from Europe and “new economic thought leaders”?Read More

‘The Role That Women Can Play’ In Energy Today—Tips From Top Women At Deloitte

As the energy sector reinvents itself, it needs new skills, so new job opportunities are opening up, especially for women, including those who want to use their skills and talents to address climate change. Here is insightful career advice from two top women on seizing these new opportunities.Read More

6 Ways Covid Forced Big Oil Into ESG—Helping Women

Big Oil and the traditional energy sector is being forced to transform fast in this post-Covid, new ESG-focused era. Here are 6 ways it’s happening (and a good thing for women), from Kathryn Pavlovsky, Deloitte Energy.Read More

A Hidden Recruitment And Retention Tool—Think ESG Investing

If you’re struggling to recruit or retain talent, especially women, diverse talent, or Millennials, you may have a tool in your toolbox that you haven’t used yet. Think ESG-themed investments, for environment, social and governance.Read More

6 Ways Covid Made Companies Better, More ESG-Focused

Every company has been disrupted by covid-19 and its economic upheaval. Add climate change, and the racial/gender justice movements, and you have the ESG era, for environment, social and governance. Here are 6 ways companies are adapting that make them better, too from Deloitte’s Kristen Sullivan.Read More

What’s Really At The Core Of The Infrastructure Debate

What’s really at the core of the infrastructure debate? It’s each Member’s, Senator’s & President Biden’s perceptions of risk. This is what Michele Wucker, author of “You Are What You Risk” calls their “risk fingerprint.” We each have one driving our choices, she said on my podcast Electric Ladies.Read More