‘Kick Some Glass’ – 10 Unique Career Insights From Top Walgreens, Mercedes Benz, Other Executives At Diversity Summit

These women say the private part out loud. Sharing stories from the front lines of advancing, explaining how they think about choices in the moment, both big & small, on landing an executive job or board seat, to how to talk, where to sit, when to be remote and when to show up in person.Read… Continue reading ‘Kick Some Glass’ – 10 Unique Career Insights From Top Walgreens, Mercedes Benz, Other Executives At Diversity Summit

Making The Movies Eco-Friendly

Think about the movies this year that were nominated for Academy Awards. Now, think about all the mess made during these productions. We love our movies, but we also love our planet. Here’s a woman tackling this challenge & winning awards, like her clients (including “The Whale”).Read More

Walgreens’ CEO Told Forbes That Listening Is Important. Then The Abortion Pill Saga Erupted

Interviewed by Forbes’ Moira Forbes at the 2021 Forbes Power Women Summit, Walgreens CEO Roz Brewer emphasized the need for leaders to have “a strong sense of empathy, listening skills.” Now as Brewer faces the abortion pill controversy, some wonder who she is listening to.Read More

International Women’s Day – 3 Tips From Women Making Our Infrastructure Work

These women maintain the systems that support our lives and economy. We only notice these systems when they break down, or have service delays or other problems, including when extreme weather takes them out. Here are tips on what we can do improve them from three top women in infrastructure.Read More

Check How Climate Prone An Area Is Before You Move

Six Southern U.S. states increased their population by over 1 million people, between migration (both domestic and international) and births outnumbering deaths. But they also moved into areas more prone to climate disasters — and that might be very expensive down the road in many ways.Read More

New Research Shows Alignment Between American Voters On Climate Change And Inflation Reduction Act

Two new independent studies show that the new legislation passed by Congress and signed into law by President Biden, including the Inflation Reduction Act, line up with the beliefs a large majority of American voters have about the need to address climate change.Read More

The Anniversary Of A New Economy – The War In Ukraine At One Year

The anniversary of the war in Ukraine is the anniversary of the new economy — The conflict expedited the transition begun by covid, the urgency of climate change, covid, reinventions of the workplace, and more… How can and should leaders respond? What is a “competent board” in this new economy?Read More

7 Ways To Save The Planet One Lawn, Park And Campus At A Time

When we see lush green lawns, we see beauty. When Pamela Conrad sees them, she probably wonders about their water consumption and carbon emissions, and if they are using polluting chemical pesticides or organic ones to keep it so green. This is the mindset shift she thinks we all should make.Read More

Pushback On The SEC’s Proposed Climate Risk Disclosure Rules Is A Good Sign

The complaints against the SEC’s proposed climate risk disclosure rules probably reflect that these new rules are a good thing, that they mean business, have teeth, and will likely make a difference. If they had not attracted this response, the SEC might have thought they were too weak.Read More

‘Lifestyle Rail’ And Other Lessons From North Carolina’s DOT

“Recognizing that we aren’t being held to the same (commuter) model anymore, we have to be nimble and we have to be flexible,” North Carolina’s Julie White explained. “As a government who has to budget in transportation 2, 3, 4 years out, how do you do that is a great question. Here are her insightsRead… Continue reading ‘Lifestyle Rail’ And Other Lessons From North Carolina’s DOT