Half The Globe Is Voting In 2024 – 80% Want Climate Action, New UN Study

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New IRA Funding Available For Geothermal Energy – Learning From Iceland

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Little-Known Agency Slashing Fed Gov’t Energy, CO2. Tools You Can Use Too

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62% Of Voters Support Climate Action, Especially Women, New Study Finds

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Summertime Career Advice From 5 Female Values-Focused Leaders

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6 Ways To Save Money Upgrading Your Business, Home Or Community Using The IRA

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‘Record-Shattering’ Investments Power U.S. Energy Transition, Factbook Finds

According to a new Factbook, by BCSE and BNEF the clean energy transition is well on its way. “We can do this. We can grow the economy and we can use more clean energy.”Read More

Second Chance At Life Powers Woman To Develop Award-Winning Wave Energy Technology

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Women In Trade: Why Exporting Makes Your Business Stronger

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