12 Steps You Can Take To Help Ukraine – Part III, From Its Former Finance Minister

We can use our voices and our resources to help Ukraine, Natalie Jaresko, the former finance minister of Ukraine explained on my Electric Ladies podcast recently. Each of us can do something to help Ukraine, including what we buy. Here are 12 ideas, no matter where you sit.Read More

The Hidden Power Of ESG – Part 2 Of 3-Part Series: Interview With The Former Finance Minister Of Ukraine

The former finance minister of Ukraine argues that taking Russian money is inconsistent with the commitments to ESG, or environment, social & governance principles. But, ESG may have a hidden power that can protect democracy, as well as the planet and people. This is Part II of a seriesRead More

The Hidden Power Of ESG – Part 1 Of 3-Part Series: Interview With The Former Finance Minister Of Ukraine

Russia’s war against Ukraine shows the weakness in the “liberal peace” theory. There may be a hidden tool companies, countries & investors can use to fix that weakness, argues Natalie Jaresko, the former finance minister of Ukraine. This is Part I of 3 articles from an extensive interview with her.Read More

The Surprising Thing That Made This Earth Day Different From Any Other

Some climate-related investments made it into law even in this divided Congress, yet, Earth Day 2022 reflects a big leap forward in the efforts to combat climate change. Why? Because the private sector took several giant steps toward reducing its massive environmental impact. No, really. Here’s how.Read More

Food, Firewood, Water And Empowerment – Women Addressing Climate Change In Rural Africa – Earth Day

While the powers-that-be talk about “net zero” and carbon emissions, Rosemary Atieno and her group of extraordinary women are on the ground in rural Kenya teaching communities how to solve their daily challenges, mitigate climate change and raise women’s standards of living and education.Read More

Earth Day, Women, And Investing $25K – 4 Experts Weigh In

Do you know what ESG investing is? A new study by Northern Trust’s FlexShares ETFs revealed that 79% of women investors are interested in SI/ESG investing, compared to 42% of men, yet women are not being told about these options. ESG is investing with a focus on Environment-Social-Governance values.Read More

7 Career Tips For Women From A Leader In Sustainable Fashion

What are you wearing? Fashion needs talent and an eco-makeover. If you want work that aligns with your values, and that advances your career at the same time, whether it’s in the fashion industry or not, here are 7 career tips that Bannigan gave recently on my Electric Ladies Podcast:Read More

Spring Shopping? Your Clothing Budget Has Real Power

Because fashion trends got a big makeover during the pandemic, the fashion industry was under pressure to disrupt itself too. While we were all on video calls in tops and sweat pants, the $2.4 trillion fashion industry was under pressure to reduce its environmental impact and treat people better.Read More

‘Costs Of Being A Woman’: Why Women Have 70% Of What Men Do

What if you had to pay more for the exact same cup coffee than the person next to you – and had less in retirement? That’s what happens to women, because they earn much less than men and paying more for life’s basics, women then have only 70% of what men do, according to a… Continue reading ‘Costs Of Being A Woman’: Why Women Have 70% Of What Men Do

8 Lessons On How To Deal With High-Stress ‘Interviews’ From Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Senate SCOTUS Confirmation Hearings

Watching Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson in her Senate confirmation hearings to join the U.S. Supreme Court, was a masterclass in high-stress, high-profile interviews and speaking. Sometimes a minuet, other times dodgeball, Always cameras. Here are lessons we can all learn from her masterful performanceRead More