10 Tips For Creative, Eco-Friendly Company Holiday Parties

With many employees working remotely, the holidays can be a good time to bring people together in person. These events can leave a big carbon footprint, but there are ways to manage it with some creativity and forethought, and still have fun. Here are 10 tips.Read More

Align Your Corporate Giving With Employee Values

One of the key factors that employees consider in deciding which companies or organizations they want to work for is how well the organization aligns with their values. Their corporate donations reflect the organization’s values too.Read More

10 Lessons In Negotiating From Watching Nancy Pelosi In Action

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is a master negotiator. Since negotiating can be especially difficult for women, and we all need to do it – at work, in school, in making policy, and even at home or with friends – here are 10 of the tools of her negotiating success that we can all use.Read More

Career Lessons From Watching Speaker Nancy Pelosi – Part II

“I think she (Speaker Nancy Pelosi) will be remembered as the most powerful and consequential Speaker in many decades.” And, she’s moved mountains of hugely important legislation since that 2015 statement. Her accomplishments give us great career advice too — especially for women. Here are 10 more.Read More

Career Lessons From Watching Speaker Nancy Pelosi Operate – Part I

When Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi announced that she is stepping down as a leader of the Democratic Party, lots of stories were written about her tenure. Here are valuable career lessons from watching her too.Read More

ESG Investing Is ‘Soaring.’ What Does It Mean?

A new PwC report found that Investors globally are embracing Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) investing on a massive scale – “seen soaring 84%” to $33.9 trillion by 2026 but what does that mean? Are we at a tipping point?Read More

Electric Vehicles Sales Are Up 41% – EDTA And Ford Explain Why

Electric vehicles are going mainstream in part because the industry is finally getting the ecosystem to support this transformation in mobility. The EV trade association, EDTA, and Ford’s CMO and Chief Engineer of the F-150 Lightning explain why.Read More

Women Voters Were Underestimated. Again.

“Once again it’s the women who saved us,” Jim Messina, said on MSNBC’s post-midterm coverage. “And the polls were wrong, again.” The polls and pundits got this midterm election wrong, in large part because they underestimated women voters. Again. And abortion rights.Read More

Raising Money While Female In 2022 – 6 Tips From An Investor, Entrepreneur, & Scientist

The World Economic Forum 2022 Gender Gap study reports that women started 49% of new businesses in the US in 2021. Unfortunately, women get only about 2.4% of venture funding. Here are 6 tips for how to pitch investors from a female investor who has been there as an entrepreneur and a scientist.Read More

‘When Values Are Being Tested’ – Jobs, Money, Voting

How we invest our time – including in where we work and the kind of jobs we have – as well as where we invest and spend our resources and who and what we vote for are reflections of what we value.Read More