“Ecosystem of Social Good” – Rachel Hutchisson, Blackbaud

“This idea of ‘voice and choice’ is, ask me what I think and then listen to what I have to say and then give me a choice as to how I can participate. Don’t forget that I’m an individual…That’s a really big trend.”
Rachel Hutchisson on Green Connections Radio
Do you volunteer at a nonprofit, or donate to one? Does your employer even know what causes align with you?  More and more employers are realizing that it’s important to offer ways their employees can give back. Listen to Rachel Hutchisson of Blackbaud describe how to create “an ecosystem of social good” for employees tailored to your team, in this enlightening interview with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson.

5 Ways Being Alone Is A Good Thing

Women live alone in much greater numbers than ever too. According to OurWorldInData.org, approximately 7.8% of women ages 30-45, 18.6% of women 46-60, 31.8% of women 51-75, and 46.6% of women 76+ live alone. We can see being alone as being miserable and waste the time complaining and binge-ing. Or, we can see being alone as the gift of quiet time, as an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate our own company, and to get to know ourselves better. Psychotherapist Dr. Stephanie Dowrick, in her best-selling book “Intimacy and Solitude,” calls it “welcoming time with your own self as you might welcome time with a friend.” 

Non-Toxic Disinfecting COVID19 – Rayne Guest, R-Water

“For healthcare grade disinfection, the EPA has certain requirements….that you test against, and those lab reports, we showed 100% kill in one minute, which is actually really impressive, because most toxic products they use in hospitals for disinfectants take 10 minutes, have to be reapplied multiple times to stay wet for 10 minutes, and only have a 95% kill rate and still be approved by the EPA for healthcare grade disinfection.” Rayne Guest on Green Connections Radio podcast How do you know your office or school or facility is truly free of COVID-19?  There are no 100% guarantees, but learn about an environmentally-friendly disinfectant that the EPA says is 100% effective in one minute with Rayne Guest, CEO and Founder of R-Water, on Green Connections Radio podcast with host Joan Michelson.

“Sustainable” Cleaning Products – Kay Gebhardt, Seventh Generation

“Science can do amazing things and answer questions for us,” she told me, “but then we can use that knowledge to do this in a responsible way or in an irresponsible way….Science is good to have. Then, what are you going to use it for and how do you do it responsibly?” Kay Gebhardt on… Continue reading “Sustainable” Cleaning Products – Kay Gebhardt, Seventh Generation

Building a Business with Care – Jules Pieri, CEO, The Grommet

Jules Pieri and her company The Grommet have learned so much from launching their own business and over 30,000 products on their e-commerce site that sells hand-picked products made by small “makers” — including the hazards of selling on Amazon — that she decided to write a book about it. In her extensive interview with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson, about her book, “How We Make Stuff Now,” Pieri explains key lessons learned (including how to manage Amazon, if you do go to it.

Risks of 3D Printers, For Everyone, Kids Especially

Do you have a 3D printer in your home, school or office? Do your kids have one at school? If so, or if you’re considering buying one, listen to Dr. Marilyn Black of UL Chemical Safety talk with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson about a ground-breaking new study that revealed the hazards of these magical machines and how you can reduce the risks to your and your kids’ health – or anyone standing near it.

Eco-Kids? Ellen Sabin, Author of “The Greening Book,” Watering Can Press

How do you “grow kids with character”? That’s the goal of Ellen Sabin, President of Watering Can Press and author of experiential children’s books that teach different values, including “The Greening Book” about taking good care of the environment.  How can a book be experiential? How can you teach kids values without being preachy? Listen to this engaging interview with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson to find out and also learn about her unique book publishing business model that guarantees sales before she starts writing.  She does extensive research before she starts writing and provides tools for teachers too.

A Creative Way To Teach Kids To Be Eco-Conscious

“What do you appreciate?” “What do you value?” “What’s your favorite animal?” “What does the earth need from you?“ “Why should we care?” These are all big questions that Ellen Sabin, founder and president of Watering Can Press, asks in the children’s activity books she writes. She is focused on helping kids “see how they… Continue reading A Creative Way To Teach Kids To Be Eco-Conscious

Gifts! Clean Energy Toys, Robotics – w Steve Aarons, Child’s Play Toys

What makes this holiday season different? Buy a toy that’s fun while also being mentally stimulating and educational. These are a great way to teach kids to take care of the environment – and show them cool career options too. What about assembling a wind turbine or electric vehicle – or even a “21st century… Continue reading Gifts! Clean Energy Toys, Robotics – w Steve Aarons, Child’s Play Toys

Making Recycled Paper – Michele Bartolini, Rolland Paper

“Never give up and be confident in what you know.” Michele Bartolini on Green Connections Radio. All of us humans use a lot of paper. Look at all the paper on your desk and in your printer. During the year-end holidays, we especially use a lot of paper – wrapping paper, greeting cards, year-end reports, and budgets. Recycled paper has become a common part of our lives, but where does it come from? Does it really save forests? Energy and water use? Listen to Michele Bartolini of Rolland Paper explain the process to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson.