Masks From Recycled Fabric – Jennifer (JJ) Lee, United We Mask

“100% of the materials used in our back to school (mask-making) kits were …from deadstock (discarded) materials…to provide a sustainable mask alternative for kids in need to that they ….can keep their communities safe.” Jennifer Lee on Green Connections Radio. As we all adapt to the temporary normal of having to wear a mask to protect ourselves and others from the Covid-19 pandemic, Jennifer Lee came up with a creative eco-friendly way to make mask-wearing fun for kids and give masks to people of all ages in need.  Building this nonprofit is Jennifer’s side hustle; her day job is as a global technology manager in cosmetic giant L’Oréal’s incubator. Listen to Jennifer describe to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson how she came up with the idea for United We Mask, who else is on board (including Fabscrap, a previous guest on this show), and how L’Oréal is responding.

7 Million EVs By 2030, Climate Week – Katie Sloan, Southern Cal Edison

“I’ve never seen as much alignment as there are in electric vehicles today.” Katie Sloan on Green Connections Radio podcast. To commemorate Climate Week 2020, Listen to Katie Sloan, Director of eMobility at Southern California Edison, who is the focal point for electric vehicle adoption in the most populous state in the U.S. and how they plan to achieve their 7 million EVs goal. (This was recorded shortly before the pandemic broke out in the U.S.)

The Economic Crisis’ Impact on Women – Heather Long, Washington Post Senior Economic Reporter

“Women are being hit disproportionately hard, because they hold disproportionately more of the jobs being shutdown and (still) have the lion’s share of family responsibilities….The industries hit hard by this crisis are healthcare, social care, education, restaurants, cleaning services, personal care and clothing stores, and the front lines of them are dominated by women.” Joan Michelson’s Forbes Blog. Listen to Heather Long, Washington Post give us the real facts and suggestions for moving forward in this fascinating interview on Green Connections Radio podcast with host Joan Michelson.

‘Dress Your Values’ – Celebrity Stylist Laura Jones on Sustainable Fashion

“(T)here’s an enormous opportunity to talk about sustainability and environmentalism in a way that captures the imagination of an everyday consumer or an everyday fashion lover and find a way to make it exciting and interesting and accessible.“ Laura Jones on Green Connections Radio Celebrity stylist Laura Jones found herself overwhelmed when she realized the field… Continue reading ‘Dress Your Values’ – Celebrity Stylist Laura Jones on Sustainable Fashion

Fabric Waste to New Fashion – Stephanie Benedetto of Queen of Raw

“If we continue at the current pace of textile production, by 2025, two-thirds of the entire world’s population is going to face shortages of fresh water and be exposed to toxic chemicals from textile dyeing.” Stephanie Benedetto on Green Connections Radio. Look around you. Everything you set your eyes on came from raw materials of some kind. Your clothing, the chair or seat you’re sitting on, the desk you’re sitting at. Natural resources were used to make it anew. What if it was made from materials already in the marketplace instead? Enter today’s guest, Stephanie Benedetto, CEO and Co-Founder of Queen of Raw.  Listen to this fascinating discussion with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson about transforming apparel industry waste into new clothing you see in stores and online.

Fabric Scraps to Good Use – Jessica Schreiber, Fabscrap

The clothing manufacturing process generates about 15 million tons of waste per year, according to the EPA, and 85 percent of apparel we buy ends up in landfill. What can we do about this? Meet a creative entrepreneur who saw a marketplace gap and formed a non-profit to fill it, helping the environment, budding designers… Continue reading Fabric Scraps to Good Use – Jessica Schreiber, Fabscrap

2018 Energy Trends to Watch – Christa Marshall, Greenwire, E&E News

The Trump administration is unabashedly pro-fossil fuels and anti-clean energy, yet the Energy Dept. has historically invested heavily in clean energy technologies and incentives, including regulations and in trade policies. In addition, many top Energy Dept. roles are still vacant. What’s going on?
What should we watch to find out how we’ll fuel our energy-dependent economy and what companies should prepare for? Listen to top energy reporter Christa Marshall of Greenwire and E & E News share her insights on these issues to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson in this enlightening conversation.

Making Clothing Sustainable – Karla Magruder, Fabrikology

“Sustainability is so big and it’s so hard for apparel companies, just getting into it and understanding what to do.” Karla Magruder on Green Connections Radio How do you make fabric from recycled plastic? Listen to this fascinating interview with Karla Magruder, CEO of Fabrikology with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson to find out!… Continue reading Making Clothing Sustainable – Karla Magruder, Fabrikology

Transforming Fashion – Amina Razvi, Sustainable Apparel Coalition


“Can you produce something that is both beautiful and sustainable? We’re getting to the point where those two things should be one and the same.”
Amina Razvi on Green Connections Radio. Do you want to buy clothing that is made sustainably? Listen to Amina Razvi, V.P. of Membership of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition with Joan Michelson on Green Connections Radio for tips.

Jeans from Wood? – Tricia Carey, Lenzing Fibers

“It’s about how the customer will feel.” Tricia Carey About 85% of our clothing ends up in a landfill. Ugh! How do we reduce this environmental hazard — and still wear great clothes? Listen to this fascinating conversation with Tricia Carey of Lenzing Fabrics about how they make glorious fabrics from wood, for a range… Continue reading Jeans from Wood? – Tricia Carey, Lenzing Fibers