Masks From Recycled Fabric – Jennifer (JJ) Lee, United We Mask

“100% of the materials used in our back to school (mask-making) kits were …from deadstock (discarded) materials…to provide a sustainable mask alternative for kids in need to that they ….can keep their communities safe.”

As we all adapt to the temporary normal of having to wear a mask to protect ourselves and others from the Covid-19 pandemic, Jennifer Lee came up with a creative eco-friendly way to make mask-wearing fun for kids and give masks to people of all ages in need.  Building this nonprofit is Jennifer’s side hustle; her day job is as a global technology manager in cosmetic giant L’Oréal’s incubator.

Listen to Jennifer describe to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson how she came up with the idea for United We Mask, who else is on board (including Fabscrap, a previous guest on this show), and how L’Oréal is responding.

You’ll hear:

“Decide how you want to make a difference and talk to people in that specialty and ask them what they need.” Jennifer (JJ) Lee on Green Connections Radio

Read Joan’s Forbes piece on Jennifer’s initiative here.

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