Smart & Sustainable Tires? – Maureen Kline, Pirelli Tires

“We asked the Forest Stewardship Council to go on the ground and do the whole certification process, just like they do for paper…Then they’re following that rubber throughout the chain of custody all the way through to the factory here in Georgia….and we have just produced the first FSC certified tire.” Maureen Kline on Electric… Continue reading Smart & Sustainable Tires? – Maureen Kline, Pirelli Tires

What Are Green Building Materials? Wendy Vittori, HPD Open Standard

“Any product that is used to construct the building, finish the building, or furnish the building is comprehended within our standard,” Wendy Vittori on Electric Ladies Podcast (then known as Green Connections Radio) The green building sector is booming, and expected to grow to $433 billion by 2024, in efforts to combat climate change, since… Continue reading What Are Green Building Materials? Wendy Vittori, HPD Open Standard

Are ‘Green’ Buildings Safe? – Elizabeth Thompson, USGBC

“Any concrete new mixture, whether it’s embodied carbon or flyash or any other innovation in making concrete more sustainable one way or the other in terms of the material itself, those are all tested through a rigorous standardized process.” Elizabeth Thompson, USGBC As our hearts go out to the people in Surfside, Florida coping with… Continue reading Are ‘Green’ Buildings Safe? – Elizabeth Thompson, USGBC

Energy Innovation Needs Women – Katie Mehnert, Pink Petro

“Your biggest challenge is your biggest opportunity. Get people into the system so they can change the culture and the industry to clean energy” – Katie Mehnert on Green Connections Radio podcast.
At the 2020 World Economic Forum where global leaders across industry gather in Davos, Switzerland every January, climate change took “center stage,” as The New York Times headline put it. A key topic of debate was the conundrum of providing clean energy to everyone on the planet and it is abundantly clear much more rapid innovation is needed, including of the oil and gas sector. But how?
Listen to Katie Mehnert, who spent 20 years in the oil and gas sector and remains devoted to it, in this surprisingly candid interview on Green Connections Radio podcast with Joan Michelson. Katie passionately lays out the urgent need for the sector to innovate and why bringing more women into the industry is key. Katie left a job in Big Oil that she loved to start Pink Petro to get more women into energy industry leadership.

Risks of 3D Printers, For Everyone, Kids Especially

Do you have a 3D printer in your home, school or office? Do your kids have one at school? If so, or if you’re considering buying one, listen to Dr. Marilyn Black of UL Chemical Safety talk with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson about a ground-breaking new study that revealed the hazards of these magical machines and how you can reduce the risks to your and your kids’ health – or anyone standing near it.