Smart & Sustainable Tires? – Maureen Kline, Pirelli Tires

“We asked the Forest Stewardship Council to go on the ground and do the whole certification process, just like they do for paper…Then they’re following that rubber throughout the chain of custody all the way through to the factory here in Georgia….and we have just produced the first FSC certified tire.” Maureen Kline on Electric… Continue reading Smart & Sustainable Tires? – Maureen Kline, Pirelli Tires

Fuel Cell Cars & Trucks – Jackie Birdsall, Toyota

Many voices are talking about how we need to rebuild the post-pandemic economy to also make us more resilient to the ravages of climate change.  Ramping up adoption of electric vehicles is always in those conversations, especially battery-powered ones. But not there are hydrogen fuel cell EVs too. Listen to Jackie Birdsall, Senior Engineer of these vehicles at Toyota explain how they work and much more, with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson.