Powering Electric Trucks – Neha Palmer, TeraWatt Infrastructure

“I think what’s really interesting and intriguing to me is the collaboration from the DOT and the DOE. there certainly is an overlap when you think about electrification, it’s a transportation question, but it’s also an energy question and both of those things have to be really coordinated to have success here…. They have to be developed in tandem and coordinated is something that really hasn’t been, on their radar before.” Neha Palmer on Electric Ladies Podcast

As the new infrastructure bill’s investments roll out across the country, one key area that will be front and center is electric vehicle charging, which is right at the intersection of the Department of Energy and the Department of Transportation. And it’s not just passenger cars. It’s also fleet vehicles and trucks. Those medium and heavy duty trucks that transport the goods we buy to stores near us, and even the delivery trucks that bring it to our doorsteps, or even city buses.  These vehicles have unique needs because they run nearly or literally 24/7. How will this work?

Listen to Neha Palmer, CEO and cofounder of TeraWatt Infrastructure explain it to host Joan Michelson on Electric Ladies podcast.

You’ll hear:

“I think that people should feel comfortable being scared….You’ve got to leave before you’re ready to leave. Embrace challenge and go before you’re a hundred percent confident about that next step. It will allow I think, an acceleration of your career, but also your ability to make impact.” Neha Palmer on Electric Ladies podcast

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