Electric Buses, Smarter Cities – Margaret Lewis, New Flyer

“A 40 foot electric bus can save up to 100 metric tons of greenhouse gas per year, which is really what a traditional…bus would emit per year.”

Transportation is one of the top three contributors to climate change, responsible for about 40% of the CO2 that goes into our air, according to some studies.

Listen to Margaret Lewis, SVP of Manufacturing and Facilities at New Flyer, talk about how these new buses are integrating with our grid and reducing energy consumption and emissions dramatically in this engaging conversation with host Joan Michelson

You’ll hear:

“The single biggest piece of advice I would give as I look back on my career is….to be willing to take jobs, and different activities and tasks, that nobody else wanted to do. And, by doing that, I found that a job or a position or a role that may not seem at the time like it’s enticing… actually…number 1, opened a lot of doors for me, and number 2, by doing those kinds of assignments that I otherwise might not have been comfortable with, I really learned a lot…There are a lot of really great things that can come from that and really properly you further in your career to where you want to go.” Margaret Lewis on Electric Ladies podcast

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