“Healthy” Cleaning Products – Kay Gebhardt, Seventh Generation

“Science can do amazing things and answer questions for us,” she told me, “but then we can use that knowledge to do this in a responsible way or in an irresponsible way….Science is good to have. Then, what are you going to use it for and how do you do it responsibly?” Kay Gebhardt

What do you use to clean your house? Do you buy “natural” or “green” cleaning products? These products can have a direct impact on our well-being and on climate change and are a growing market.

The Harvard Business Review studied this issue recently, and reported in June 2019 that it’s multi-billion dollar market and growing, so I wanted to find out how they are made

Listen to host Joan Michelson’s fascinating interview with Kay Gebhardt, Senior Scientist in Sustainability and Authenticity at Seventh Generation, a consumer products company that markets itself as a sustainable products company.

You’ll hear:

“What is unique that you can bring? What voice do you have that you need to show up with? Where do you see yourself in 2 years from now…Tie your own values and integrity to the values and integrity of the company you work for.” Kay Gebhardt

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