Smart & Sustainable Tires? – Maureen Kline, Pirelli Tires

“We asked the Forest Stewardship Council to go on the ground and do the whole certification process, just like they do for paper…Then they’re following that rubber throughout the chain of custody all the way through to the factory here in Georgia….and we have just produced the first FSC certified tire.” Maureen Kline on Electric Ladies Podcast

The transportation sector is transforming, from GM’s announcement that they are eliminating gas engines by 2030, to Ford’s announcement this week about going all EV, to the massive legislation moving through Congress now to rebuild our transportation infrastructure. All those vehicles still need tires, though, and rubber is still an environmental challenge. How to balance safety with environmental protection? Pirelli Tires thinks they have found a solution – and these new tires are “smart” as well as sustainable. How?

Listen to Maureen Kline, head of sustainability for Pirelli Tires explain it to host Joan Michelson on Electric Ladies podcast.

You’ll hear:

“I think what’s really important is to gain knowledge of sustainability and weave it into every career… Use all possible, learning opportunities, whether it’s online courses, listening to your podcast, reading, and just get your overall sustainability education in order. And then you can really start diving into how to make what you do, more sustainability focused.”

Maureen Kline on Electric Ladies podcast

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