Infrastructure, Jobs & Climate Change – Anne Kelly, Ceres Government Relations

Anne Kelly, Ceres, VP of Government Relations

“This is very much a jobs plan….It deals with four interwoven challenges…The first is the post-pandemic reality, the second is the economic downturn, the third is the climate crisis, and the fourth is inequality and racial equity… The general theme is that the road to economic recovery is through climate action..” Anne Kelly on Electric Ladies Podcast

Hurricane Ida was a different kind of wake-up call because it showed the increased severity of extreme weather events in the age of climate change, and how even big cities like New York and inland areas are vulnerable. In short, it emphasized the need to shore up our infrastructure from coast to coast.

Listen to Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson’s enlightening interview with Anne Kelly, VP of Government Relations at the non-profit Ceres and Director of their Business for Innovative Climate Policy, explain how the infrastructure bills moving through Congress today are critical – and the much-needed jobs they will create.


You’ll hear:

“Be careful about what you’re good at. So, if you’re not happy with what you’re doing, you really do have to take a risk and be willing to step out of your current role and try something new and test yourself. And you can do that in your own position, you can dabble in another area….and then see if that’s a place you want to go.” Anne Kelly on Electric Ladies Podcast

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