Are ‘Green’ Buildings Safe? – Elizabeth Thompson, USGBC

“Any concrete new mixture, whether it’s embodied carbon or flyash or any other innovation in making concrete more sustainable one way or the other in terms of the material itself, those are all tested through a rigorous standardized process.” Elizabeth Thompson, USGBC

As our hearts go out to the people in Surfside, Florida coping with the loss of their loved ones and friends in the catastrophic building collapse, this tragedy raises some hard questions that the “green” building community needs to answer.

First among them is: Do sustainable building technologies and materials affect the structural integrity of their buildings? How are they tested to be sure?

Listen to architect Elizabeth Thompson, Vice President of the US Green Building Council – which developed the iconic LEED certification protocols that are gold standard for sustainable buildings – in this enlightening and engaging interview on with host Joan Michelson.

Elizabeth brings her 20+ years of experience as an architect, including in sustainable buildings, and provides helpful insights.

You’ll hear:

“I have found it very helpful to keep following the trail of my curiosity. So, if I’m really interested in something, find a way to make the space for following that in my life. Reading books, having conversations, all of that.” Elizabeth Thompson

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