What Are Green Building Materials? Wendy Vittori, HPD Open Standard

“Any product that is used to construct the building, finish the building, or furnish the building is comprehended within our standard,” Wendy Vittori on Electric Ladies Podcast (then known as Green Connections Radio) The green building sector is booming, and expected to grow to $433 billion by 2024, in efforts to combat climate change, since… Continue reading What Are Green Building Materials? Wendy Vittori, HPD Open Standard

Are ‘Green’ Buildings Safe? – Elizabeth Thompson, USGBC

“Any concrete new mixture, whether it’s embodied carbon or flyash or any other innovation in making concrete more sustainable one way or the other in terms of the material itself, those are all tested through a rigorous standardized process.” Elizabeth Thompson, USGBC As our hearts go out to the people in Surfside, Florida coping with… Continue reading Are ‘Green’ Buildings Safe? – Elizabeth Thompson, USGBC

Is Your Office COVID19-Safe? – Rachel Gutter, Int’l Well Building Institute

As we prepare to return to our offices, schools, coworking spaces, and houses of worship, while the coronavirus still swirls around us, there are steps building managers, employers, administrators and employees – each of us – can take to make sure we and our colleagues are safe from COVID-19.
The International Well Building Institute has developed standards and ratings to determine how safe and “healthy” our spaces are, and adapted them with advice from a COVID-19 Task Force of 540+ top experts for the pandemic. To find out about those standards and get practical tips we each use, listen to this enlightening interview with Rachel Gutter, president of the Institute on Green Connections Radio podcast with host Joan Michelson.