From the National Speakers Association: “The Dragon Lady of Leadership Accountability” Liz Weber

Liz Weber
Liz Weber

Are you a change agent? Do you want to move up in your organization – or any organization? Then listen to Joan’s fascinating conversation with “The Dragon Lady of Leadership Accountability” Liz Weber, CEO of Weber Business Services. Especially if you’re a woman….
Liz and Joan reveal behaviors and strategies that can help leaders, change agents, innovators and leaders across industries move up and become stronger leaders — and where they get in their own way. They also address strategies you can use to hold your team accountable for making changes, and might discover how you are blocking your own progress without realizing it.
This interview was conducted at the recent annual National Speakers Association 2015 annual conference, appropriately called “Influence.”
Liz also shares her story of how she came to be known as “The Dragon Lady” and why owning it, both literally and figuratively, has empowered herself and her business – once she got over her own internal hurdles.

For more information on Liz visit Weber Business Services
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