“Career Currency” – w Hr Guru Rita Trehan

Rita TrehanPutting your career into higher gear takes deliberate steps, and times of change present opportunities – like what we face now in the energy and sustainability space, especially with the new U.S. leadership.
Grab your notebook or however you take notes for this one! Rita Trehan is a former Human Resources leader at two huge global companies for many years – Honeywell and electric power giant AES – where she reinvented their HR systems and strategies for the betterment of both the companies and the employees. Listen here to learn her tips for building your “career currency” and position yourself for advancement. She also shares her “hidden resource” in human resources.

Two straight-talkers telling it to you straight: priceless. In this engaging and informative conversation with Green Connections Host Joan Michelson Rita Trehan you’ll learn:

And much, much more….
You’ll definitely want to take notes!
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