Energy Risks & Opportunities – with Amory Lovins, Top Advisor to Govs., CEOs

Image result for amory lovinsAs we embark on an uncertain energy and climate future with a new U.S. president who denies climate change and embraces fossil fuels, it’s important to keep focused on the risks – and the opportunities – of the energy portfolio and climate change.
Whether you support the fossil fuel industry or think it should be wiped from the earth, you’ll learn something new – or think about things anew – by listening to this interview.

Listen to master physicist Amory Lovins, cofounder and Chief Scientist of the renowned Rocky Mountain Institute, who has been an energy advisor to major firms and governments in 65+ countries for 40+ years. He’s even a member of the U.S. National Petroleum Council and was named one of the “world’s 100 most influential people” by Time magazine, as well as one of the 100 top global thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine. He’s authored author of 31 books, including, Reinventing Fire, and 600 papers, and, well…I could go on but you get the point.
You’ll definitely want to take notes!
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