Career Planning & Passion – w Alaina Love’s “Passionality”

Career Planning – w Alaina Love’s “Passionality”How do you find the job that makes you feel your best, be engaged in your work?
Those of us in the green economy want to make a difference and bring our passion for it to work. But short of going to work for a non-profit or volunteering, how do we do it?
Listen here to HR Guru Alaina Love for tips on how to find where you best “fit” based on your values, interests and passions, so you can be your best and happiest “you” at work.
Alaina Love is president of Purpose Linked Consulting and co-author of The Purpose Linked Organization: How Passionate Leaders Inspire Winning Teams and Great Results (one of my favorite books).  This book comes with an assessment that will help you discover your “passionality” – it helped me more than most assessments.

If you’re thinking about your career anew, or feeling stuck, or have been downsized as technology and the economy evolve, seize this opportunity to gain a few minutes of inspiration and great ideas for how to look at your career through a different lens.
As Alaina explains, “it’s a great time to get to know you.” More companies are hiring based on the alignment of the values and passions of the company with those of the employee.  Knowing your own will lead you to that industry, company or position where you can thrive.  What are your passion characteristics?
What skills are the most valuable in today’s economy?
How can you sell yourself when you’re in transition?
Alaina shares with Green Connections Host Joan Michelson the answers and some alarming data on the number of engaged vs. disengaged employees in the US and the cost of the disengaged to the economy (hint: it’s in the billions)
You’ll definitely want to take notes!
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