TED Talk Speaker Tips – Tricia Brouk, Former TEDxLincolnSquare Producer, Speaker Coach, Film Producer

Being able to speak in public is crucial to career success in today’s world where the media is everywhere, cameras are everywhere, and you can end up on social media without knowing it.  Being a public speaker who moves people in a positive way can be a powerful career advantage too. But how? And how do you land those coveted opportunities to land on a TEDx stage?
Listen to Tricia Brouk, former long-time producer of TEDxLincolnCenter in New York City who used to approve or reject speaker pitches and who trains speakers to succeed today, in this remarkable interview with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson – and more career advice too.

Career Planning & Passion – w Alaina Love’s “Passionality”

How do you find the job that makes you feel your best, be engaged in your work?Those of us in the green economy want to make a difference and bring our passion for it to work. But short of going to work for a non-profit or volunteering, how do we do it? Listen here to HR Guru Alaina Love on Green Connections Radio podcast for tips on how to find where you best “fit” based on your values, interests and passions, so you can be your best and happiest “you” at work. Alaina Love is co-author of “The Purpose Linked Organization: How Passionate Leaders Inspire Winning Teams and Great Results.” This book comes with an assessment that will help you discover your “passionality.”

ARPA-E on the Practical Side of (Energy) Innovation

Leaders talk about growing a green economy and developing clean energy solutions, but the (mostly-male) talent trolling the halls of the Gaylord National Harbor Convention Center for the ARPA-E 2012 Innovation Summit last week was filled with folks actually doing it. One of the keynote speakers who brought the engineers face-to-face with reality was Steve… Continue reading ARPA-E on the Practical Side of (Energy) Innovation