How To Advance Your Career From 5 Women in Different Fields – By Listener Demand!

Electric Ladies Podcast listeners requested that we air a collection of career advice from our various guests, and we heard you. Here’s our second collage of advice from five amazing women from different fields. The last question in each of our Electric Ladies Podcast episodes is asking for career advice, especially for midcareer women who… Continue reading How To Advance Your Career From 5 Women in Different Fields – By Listener Demand!

Branding in This Pandemic  – Anne Bahr Thompson, Author, “Do Good: Brand Citizenship to Fuel Both Purpose and Profit

What Business Should and Should Not Do During This Pandemic Crisis. Do you get mad seeing ads selling normal stuff these days, as if we’re not in a global health crisis? What should companies, leaders and marketers do in this unprecedented crisis? Should you just post messages of support for first responders and healthcare workers? Do special offers work now?  
Listen to this fascinating Green Connections Radio podcast interview with Anne Bahr Thompson, veteran branding expert, former head of a division of megabranding agency Interbrand and author of “Do Good: Brand Citizenship to Fuel Both Purpose and Profit,” to find out.

Brand Citizenship – with Anne Bahr Thompson, Branding Guru, Author “Do Good”

“It’s all about the doing, not the claiming,” Anne Bahr Thompson on Green Connections Radio
What do you expect from the companies you buy from? A new ground-breaking study says we consumers care if companies “do good” and we buy accordingly. So, how do we leverage it? What does it mean for consumers and businesses? Listen to the study’s author, branding guru Anne Bahr Thompson, author of a new book expanding on the research called “Do Good: Embracing Brand Citizenship to Fuel both Purpose and Profit, and a former top executive at Interbrand global communications firm. In this fascinating conversation with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson, also a communications expert, they dive into the study’s findings and discuss…

Brand Purpose – with Billee Howard, Brandthropologie & Centiment

“People are really making decisions more about who a brand is and why they’re doing something, as opposed to just what it is they are offering because that is largely commodified by options and price point.” Billee Howard on Green Connections Radio
You’re doing strategic planning, but are you looking at your brand anew too?
Maybe you should, says Billee Howard, master brand storyteller, and CEO of Brandthropolgie. She’s also Chief Strategy Officer of Centiment, an IBM Watson company leveraging artificial intelligence to help brands connect on an emotional level, the author of, We-Commerce: How to Create, Collaborate and Succeed in the Sharing Economy, and the former EVP of worldwide marketing communications firm Weber Shandwick.

Career Planning & Passion – w Alaina Love’s “Passionality”

How do you find the job that makes you feel your best, be engaged in your work?Those of us in the green economy want to make a difference and bring our passion for it to work. But short of going to work for a non-profit or volunteering, how do we do it? Listen here to HR Guru Alaina Love on Green Connections Radio podcast for tips on how to find where you best “fit” based on your values, interests and passions, so you can be your best and happiest “you” at work. Alaina Love is co-author of “The Purpose Linked Organization: How Passionate Leaders Inspire Winning Teams and Great Results.” This book comes with an assessment that will help you discover your “passionality.”

Profitable Social Value – w Cheryl Kiser, Author & Center for Social Innovation at Babson College

How do you create social value and make money at the same time? Whether you’re a big company or a small one, or a non-profit, listen to Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson’s probing conversation with Cheryl Kiser, head of the Lewis Center for Social Innovation at Babson College and co-author of the new book, “Creating Social Value: A Guide for Leaders and Change Makers.”