Inspiring Eco-Filmmaker – Dayna Reggero, Climate Listening Project

“If you want to be a good storyteller, tell stories you want to tell…It’s really about the passion.” Dayna Reggero  She’s been called “Earth Mother” in Women’s Day magazine and won awards for her short films about climate-related effects on local communities. Today, filmmaker Dayna Reggero takes us behind the scenes to how she works… Continue reading Inspiring Eco-Filmmaker – Dayna Reggero, Climate Listening Project

Brand Purpose – with Billee Howard, Brandthropologie & Centiment

“People are really making decisions more about who a brand is and why they’re doing something, as opposed to just what it is they are offering because that is largely commodified by options and price point.” Billee Howard on Green Connections Radio
You’re doing strategic planning, but are you looking at your brand anew too?
Maybe you should, says Billee Howard, master brand storyteller, and CEO of Brandthropolgie. She’s also Chief Strategy Officer of Centiment, an IBM Watson company leveraging artificial intelligence to help brands connect on an emotional level, the author of, We-Commerce: How to Create, Collaborate and Succeed in the Sharing Economy, and the former EVP of worldwide marketing communications firm Weber Shandwick.