Making A Difference Where You Are – Laur Hesse Fisher, MIT’s Environmental Solutions Initiative

“There are those individual actions that we can take. But if I can work with my community or work inside of my company, or if I can work inside of my house of worship and we can build some community and some action that way, it will have a much bigger impact than anything that I can do as an individual… The communities that they’re already a part of, whether they’re residential, like in their neighborhoods, or it’s the nonprofits that they’re a part of, or the places where they have other kinds of communities like religious communities, and start conversations there. What could we do as a community? What could we do as an organization?” Laur Hesse Fisher on Electric Ladies Podcast

There are steps each of us can take individually to help avert climate change, but if we can leverage the larger entities we are a part of, then we can have a much larger impact. How?

Listen to Laur Hesse Fisher of MIT’s Environmental Solutions Initiative and TIL Climate podcast, in discussion with Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson, explain ways you can leverage the places you already go and people you currently encounter to reach people who might not get the climate message elsewhere.

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“My advice would be, as you’re thinking about where you want to go, talk to people about that. So you might not know where you want to go, in which case I recommend informational interviews. Those are great for learning about other people’s career paths, what it took for them to get there, what did they learn along the way? I mean, people are really open to having a half an hour conversation.”

Laur Hesse Fisher on Electric Ladies Podcast

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