Financial Support For Exporting, Trade – Judith Pryor, Export Import Bank of U.S.

“We help anyone in the United States who wants to sell their good or service overseas through short, medium, and long-term financing tools for international buyers. It’s usually medium term and long term. We provide foreign buyers with the ability to purchase U.S. goods and services. So we’re debt financiers to buyers of American goods and services. On the flip side of that, and more often with small businesses than not, we provide export credit insurance, which is short term, 30, 60, 90 days to ensure payment of goods received.” Judith Pryor on Electric Ladies Podcast

One of the most important lessons from the pandemic economy is that we can collaborate across borders and industries, even with competitors, when it’s for mutual benefit. Addressing climate change takes that kind of collaboration too. These deals are risky and complicated, but there’s a small government agency that most businesses and entrepreneurs don’t know is there to help structure and secure the deal, reducing the risk.

It’s called the Export Import Bank of the U.S. (EXIM Bank). Listen to this fascinating interview with Vice Chair and First Vice President of the EXIM Bank, Judith Pryor, on Electric Ladies Podcast with host Joan Michelson (live at the EXIM Bank office).

You’ll hear:

“I have a couple of quotes that I have written on my blackboard that I use often when I’m speaking publicly. And one of them is, ‘whatever you are, be a good one.’ That was Abraham Lincoln said that. So it’s, if this is what you’ve chosen to do, be good at it. Do give your best, give your all.…You’re going to have bad days, but try to make them good days ….I have a fortune cookie phrase that ca literally came out of a cookie that I have taped my monitor upstairs that says, listen to yourself more often. I think as a woman, yes, we tend to question ourselves more.” Judith Pryor on Electric Ladies podcast

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