Ukraine & The Hidden Power of ESG – Natalie Jaresko, fmr Finance Minister of Ukraine

“The global business community must understand that nurturing, upholding and protecting freedom and democracy is part of their ESG responsibility. It’s not only in their best interest, but also in, in those of their increasingly noisy and numerous stakeholders…Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine started, not all chief executives have had the courage to take… Continue reading Ukraine & The Hidden Power of ESG – Natalie Jaresko, fmr Finance Minister of Ukraine

Finessing Tough, Watergate – Jill Wine-Banks, Former Watergate Prosecutor & Author of “The Watergate Girl”

We’re all navigating tough things, tough crises and tough people right now – and do it in a country led by a president whose modus operandi more often resembles a tough guy character in a mob movie than a world leader. So, we spoke with a woman who has a long history of finessing world-changing tough situations and “tough guys” – successfully. Listen to Jill Wine-Banks, legal analyst and former Watergate prosecutor (the only woman) after years prosecuting organized crime, former U.S Army General Counsel, and author of the new best-seller, “The Watergate Girl,” for remarkable stories and solid tips for how women can finesse these tough jobs and tough men with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson.

Tips to Protect Your Side Gig, Intellectual Property – Christina Martini, Top IP Attorney

“How protectible is your work, is really important to know.” Christina Martini, Green Connections Radio. Whether you’re an entrepreneur with a book, developing a new app, or have a side hustle, you need to understand what you own and how to protect it – including from your employer. Listen to veteran intellectual property attorney Christina Martini in this practical and engaging interview on Green Connections Radio podcast with host Joan Michelson.