Ukraine & The Hidden Power of ESG – Natalie Jaresko, fmr Finance Minister of Ukraine

“The global business community must understand that nurturing, upholding and protecting freedom and democracy is part of their ESG responsibility. It’s not only in their best interest, but also in, in those of their increasingly noisy and numerous stakeholders…Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine started, not all chief executives have had the courage to take actions which would be consistent with their ESG policies,” Natalie Jaresko in the Financial Times.

As images of more and more atrocities and destroyed cities flash on our screens from Russia’s unprovoked war against Ukraine, we can feel helpless to do anything about it. Natalie Jaresko, the former finance minister of Ukraine, suggests in this extensive interview with Electric Ladies Podcast host Joan Michelson, that – in addition to pressuring lawmakers to approve aid to Ukraine immediately – we can use our money to pressure companies to do more too. Listen here. (Electric Ladies was formerly known as Green Connections Radio.)

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“I think today there are more ways to make a difference while making money than there ever have been before you don’t need to remain or stay in public policy in the traditional kind of government think tank, uh, world. Now companies are establishing entire branches, departments, foundations to make a difference.” Natalie Jaresko on Electric Ladies podcast

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