Climate-Economic Leadership Models, COP26 – Sandrine Dixson, Club of Rome

Sandrine Dxson

“What I think is really interesting is how do we get PPPs out there, public private partnerships, where we bring in also the investment community from the beginning, so that we can truly shift the capital where it needs to go in order to reduce our impact.” That’s from Sandrine Dixson, Co-President of the Club of Rome.” Sandrine Dixson on Electric Ladies Podcast

Covid demonstrated how to get things done for all of us a lot faster: create partnerships. Co-opetition between competitors. Partnering with nations. Pooling resources, whether transporting patients to hospitals with space for them, or funding allocated for one thing moved to pandemic mitigation. We need to do the same thing, argues Sandrine Dixson, Co-President of the Club of Rome, a European-based influential organization of global leaders, including former heads of state, CEOs of major multinationals and leading foundations, and top scientists.

Listen to Sandrine explain the new model of public-private partnerships we need to tackle climate change and birth the net-zero economy to Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson in this fascinating conversation. Sandrine has deep experience seeing these partnerships at work, including in her work as Director of the Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group and the EU office of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership.

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“Women need to have more confidence in what they can deliver and to take those risks and to go for those jobs, even though they may not have 100% of the criteria that’s necessary because what happens most of the time, women over-deliver, and…work with women, work with men, continue to develop our own capacities.” Sandrine Dixson on the Electric Ladies podcast

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