Sustainability in Hotels – Denise Naguib, Marriott VP of Global Sustainability

“I think one of the most important starting points, whether it be on social or environmental, is back to the measurement, setting a goal and making progress every single day towards that goal with actions….Even if that goal seems unattainable, challenging, unsure of what the steps are between X and Y. I think the fact that we put stakes in the ground and work towards them drives the behavior that we want to see.” Denise Naguib on Electric Ladies Podcast

Are you traveling soon? Planning summer vacations? Think about the environmental impact of where you’ll stay. Most hotels these days have sustainable practices and goals, but how do these massive properties really control their carbon footprint and water use, for example, and their waste?

Listen to Denise Naguib, VP of Global Sustainability at Marriott in this wide-ranging conversation with Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson at a live net zero event in Washington, DC. (Electric Ladies was formerly known as Green Connections Radio.)

You’ll hear:

And much more!

“You can make a difference in any role that you are in. I think that is a really important thing to say. It is not about being part of the sustainability or social impact team that only then you can make a difference. Every single role in a company has the opportunity to make meaningful change, whether you are in finance or legal or operations or whatever it is, public relations. I think identifying how you can make that based on the skills that you bring forward, based on the opportunities that you can get involved in things I think is really invaluable.” Denise Naguib on Electric Ladies podcast

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