Data Bias & Women Engineers – Roberta Rincon, Society of Women Engineers

Many companies collect diversity and jobs data and review it internally, but don’t want to release it publicly, “because it doesn’t always make them look very good,”

But, she added, different sources collect and report data on gender differently, and others lack the resources or incentives to either collect or report it.

We bemoan Big Data because it seems they have every possible piece of data about us. But, when it comes to data we need on women in STEM, somehow the systems are not there to collect consistent data over time, I discovered. Not even the federal government. The Bureau of Labor Statistics collects some, but it seems every organization has its own definitions.

Listen to Roberta Rincon, head of Research at the Society of Women Engineers explain the issues on data, and that women engineers face in this engaging conversation with Green Connections Radio host Joan Michelson.

You’ll learn:

“Think of your career as more of a jungle gym, go sideways or down to go up…(and) Most of the time, (the problem) is not you.” Roberta Rincon on Green Connections Radio podcast

Read my Forbes blog about this issue here too.

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