The Energy Industry Does ESG – Katie Pavlovsky, Deloitte Energy, Resources & Industrials

“We did see that the industry accelerated its energy transition and many of the companies, during the height of the pandemic, were announcing their zero goals… and announced production cuts going forward over the next decade through automation and looking for opportunities to do this, and the pandemic was certainly an accelerator.”  Katie Pavlovsky, Deloitte Energy on Electric Ladies Podcast

Energy consumption and prices plummeted during the pandemic, which was a wake-up call to the oil and gas sector. With the big UN Climate Conference known as COP26 coming up in days, the huge spotlight on ESG investing and strategies (for Environment, Social and Governance), plus President Biden’s infrastructure bills with lots of provisions affecting the energy sector moving through Congress, Joan wanted to talk to an expert in the oil and gas sector about how the sector is coping and pivoting.

So, what are the energy companies doing in response?

Listen to Katie Pavlovsky, head of Deloitte’s Energy, Resources and Industrial Services break it down with Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson in this insightful and engaging interview.

You’ll hear about:

“Even within energy and on the topics of environmental, social, and governance, and what is the role that women can play in particular, in moving forward that agenda and driving earlier results just based on the networks that they have with each other?” Katie Pavlovsky on the Electric Ladies podcast

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