ESG On Corporate Boards – Helle Bank Jorgensen, CEO of Competent Boards

“How do we deal with dilemmas? How do we think unthinkable? You know, the climate, ESG, human rights issues, diversity, equity, inclusion, supply chain issues, cyber security, integrity of data, incentive plans, all of those, the future of good corporate governance, transparency, anti-corruption. All of those different issues that have been there for a long, long time, but been kind of like voluntary more and less, and suddenly they are really coming at the top of the agenda for the board of directors.” Helle Bank Jorgensen on Electric Ladies Podcast

When there’s a scandal or a huge failure at a big company or a famous one – like the collapse of FTX Crypto Exchange – you hear questions like, “where was the board of directors?”  So, what is the role of the Board and how are environment, social and governance issues, including climate, diversity and covid, changing who is on them and why?

Listen to Helle Bank Jorgensen, CEO and Founder of Competent Boards training programs for board members, and people who want to sit on boards, in this episode of Electric Ladies podcast in this valuable conversation with Electric Ladies host Joan Michelson. They specialize in training on ESG issues. (Full disclosure, Joan is now on the Competent Boards ESG faculty.)

You’ll hear:

And much more!

“If you look five years out, 10 years out, what is it that you want to look back at and say, Yes, I was part of this, or, or I did this…There’s a ton of roles and…if you look at these 17 biggest pain points in the world (the 17 sustainable development goals)…and saying, Okay, where is it that I can make a difference? …I want to educate myself in this, so I can go out and help organizations, perhaps even the organization that you are working in right now.” Helle Bank Jorgensen on Electric Ladies podcast

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