EV Charging On City Streets – Tiya Gordon, COO, itselectric

“There’s a huge barrier for ev adoption in this country…it’s lack of public charging infrastructure… So, my co-founder and I said, there’s got to be a solution…And it came to us that…why can’t we just make the (apartment) buildings the source of the energy instead of having to put in all this new infrastructure on the street?….And then to incentivize that building that we’re pulling that power from, we’re revenue sharing back to them. So they’re creating a public amenity, they’re earning money every month, drivers are able to charge and park, and cities are able to meet their decarb goals.” Tiya Gordon on Electric Ladies Podcast

One of the biggest hurdles to electric vehicle adoption is access to charging. With millions of people living in cities, what if they could charge similar to how they pay for parking?  Well, Its Electric has found a way to do just that and they are bringing it out one city block at a time. How?

Listen to this fascinating interview on Electric Ladies Podcast with Tiya Gordon, COO and Cofounder of itselectric and host Joan Michelson. Its Electric is a novel EV charging infrastructure that leverages the power that’s already available to the residences on a given block to provide EV charging. Tiya is a designer, who went from designing museum exhibits to designing this novel charging system – and share that story too.

You’ll hear:

Plus, insightful career advice from Tiya’s evolution from museum designer to EV charging entrepreneur:

“I would encourage people that, especially if they have that experience, if they can make that terrifying leap from a larger, more established career path to something in climate tech, something in the world that is new and fresh and innovative, but needs that steady hand of an experienced career, that’s where their value can be tremendous, because then they’re bringing in that expertise, they’re bringing in that calm, that ease, but then they’re helping a company that’s doing something that’s truly innovative, achieve what they’re out to do.” Tiya Gordon on Electric Ladies podcast

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