The State Of EVs From The Master – Genevieve Cullen, Electric Drive Transportation Assn.

“The vision for electrification is based on the maturing of the technology. Getting it to a price point, a performance point, and a consumer acceptance point, where this actually can serve all of these consumer needs and we can make it affordable and it works…. This is what being a transportation provider looks like… Also, in just a growing access to public (charging) infrastructure where people, rural and urban, whether they need it or not, want to be able to see infrastructure to know that if I had to (charge my car), I could.”

Genevieve Cullen on Electric Ladies Podcast

Electric vehicles are on a roll. Sales are booming, doubling every month almost. Automakers offer about 70 models now, have dozens more coming, and committed to going only-electric by 2035. And, we have the massive rollout of charging stations from the massive new federal legislation.  These vehicles are cool. About 76% of buyers of the new the all-electric version of the iconic Ford F-150 truck are new to EVs, and tax credits are now usable at the time of purchase.

For a master class in where we are exactly in electric vehicles, listen to this fascinating interview with the master of EVs, Genevieve Cullen, President of the Electric Drive Transportation Assn., the EV trade group, on Electric Ladies Podcast with host Joan Michelson. Genevieve has been in the EV business for decades. (Editor’s Note: This was recorded live at an event, so the audio is a bit less clear than usual. Thanks for understanding.)

You’ll hear:

“I do think what’s really valuable is to own your expertise. Know what you’re good at and absolutely highlight it, monetize it, but don’t be afraid to keep adding to it. Don’t get stuck in a silo.…Just like, oh, this is where the industry is going and I should get smart about this. So, you have to always keep learning, adding to your skill set, particularly as it like reinforces the thing that you love.”

Genevieve Cullen on Electric Ladies podcast

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