Recruiting To Build EVs – Telva McGruder, General Motors Chief Diversity Officer

“It takes work and it takes commitment to really screen in versus screen out….We are approaching this in many ways…We don’t simply need an electrical engineer or a mechanical engineer, or a person with a computer science degree. What are the skills that we’re looking for? What are the interests that we need in the talent that’s coming in? And we’re helping the leaders in the organization write job descriptions in a different way than we have written them before.” Telva McGruder on Electric Ladies Podcast

General Motors announced it would phase out traditional internal combustion engine vehicles and only focus on electric vehicles by 2035. But how? What does that mean for the plants? For talent and recruiting?

Listen to Electric Ladies Podcast host Joan Michelson’s engaging and fascinating conversation with Telva McGruder, Chief Diversity Officer of General Motors, who has spent 28 years at GM, as an engineer and in technology.

You’ll hear:

“Mid-career women are great at getting results….But if we say making a difference is making a difference for the people around you and making a big difference for the business you’re in, and maybe for the communities that you move in, that takes practice, and it takes really sitting back and looking at how should I behave every single day, so that I’m making a difference for people.” Telva McGruder on Electric Ladies Podcast

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