The Tipping Point Business Is At Now – Isabelle Grosmaitre, Goodness & Co  (from France)

 “We are at a tipping point when businesses need to reinvent themselves for a better future. In fact, I believe that they need to reinvent the model and even demonstrate the contribution to society. I believe. in fact, that only companies with a positive impact will thrive. Why? Because they will be chosen by people, by employees, as you said, by investors, by partners, by clients. This is what is happening right now. And the question is not anymore about the why, the question has become about the how,” Isabelle Grosmaitre on Electric Ladies Podcast.

Businesses today across the globe are being pulled in many, many directions. Employees, suppliers, regulators, investors, communities, and customers are making demands that sometimes conflict and are speaking with their dollars and their time. Being perceived as a good corporate citizen and leader is more important and more complicated than ever, as is being a board member.

Listen to Isabelle Grosmaitre, Founder/CEO of Goodness & Co. on Electric Ladies Podcast explain how executives and boards can frame these issues successfully. Goodness & Co is a management consulting firm based in Paris, France. I had the privilege of having Isabelle on a panel of mine at the huge ChangeNow Summit in Paris a few months ago. (Note: This was recorded before the barbaric attack on Israel by Hamas on October 7, 2023 and the subsequent regional war involving Gaza.)

You’ll hear:

“One is, that you need to listen to your inner voice. Sometimes it may feel super scary, that’s the reality a lot of times. But the reality is that the only way to thrive is to listen to your inner voice. The second thing is, that it’s okay to be ambitious. I think it’s one of the critical values that leadership needs is to be ambitious, because we need to really reinvent the way we do business. So, this will not happen without ambitious leaders. I believe that, in fact have the courage to…think big, to be a super bold and willing to change the world…the courage to act.” Isabelle Grosmaitre on Electric Ladies podcast

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