The Economy, Climate Change & Federal Funding Opportunities – Heather Boushey, White House Council of Economic Advisors & Chief Economist of Invest in America Cabinet

“Much of our infrastructure isn’t built to withstand certain kinds of flooding or certain levels of heat. And yet, as the climate changes, so many of the things… that we did know in a world with a stable climate, those are now being upended. And all of that affects costs fundamentally… So, we need to transition to net zero…The three pieces of (federal) legislation are all about investing in America and making sure that from the innovation to commercialization pipeline, we are helping those goods get to market at scale, at prices consumers can afford.” Heather Boushey on Electric Ladies Podcast

Climate change affects the entire economy, especially our infrastructure, like transportation, energy and electric power systems, buildings, manufacturing, etc. and every one of us, from consumers to businesses to investors, to education etc. Every sector, every community, every income bracket. NOAA calculated it’s already caused almost $3 trillion in damages. The Biden administration signed three massive bills into law with Congress’s help that address this pivot to a net zero economy and upgrading our infrastructure.

Listen to Heather Boushey, Member of the White House Council of Economic Advisors and Chief Economist of the Invest in America Cabinet, in this exclusive and rare interview by Joan Michelson on Electric Ladies Podcast explain how we can economically do this transition and how this federal funding reduces our risks and costs to do, while also expediting this transition to help avert even far worse effects of climate change.

You’ll hear:

“For me, the key to my career was being clear on what my mission is….I feel so enormously fortunate that I found a president to be able to work for who shares that goal….So I think the lesson in that is either be the leader that you want to believe in, or find that leader and attach yourself to them and see what amazing things you can do together. But, for me, it’s been about being clear on what it is that I wanted to achieve.” Heather Boushey on Electric Ladies Podcast

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