ESG, Impact Investing & the SEC’s Climate Rules – Jean Case, Case Foundation

“The impact investing we focused on, and tried to bring tools and resources together for, really represents areas of investing where you’re looking for both a financial return and a social return through the investments that you make. So, it’s really that simple. It’s asking the question of, ‘is there some kind of social return that’s exceptional or different in this investment versus the normal investments I would make?’…I like to remind everyone that every investment has impact. The question is what impact does it have?”

Jean Case on Electric Ladies Podcast

Impact and ESG (environment, social, governance) investing are often confused, and yet today, especially as the Securities and Exchange Commission finalizes its climate risk disclosure rules, the investment community is paying a lot more attention to the impact of investment decisions on the environment and all stakeholders.

One of the people who has been at the forefront of using investment funding to make a positive impact is Jean Case, CEO of the Case Foundation, chair of the National Geographic Society board, author of the best-selling book, “Be Fearless,” and former SVP of AOL. Listen to Jean Case on Electric Ladies Podcast help us make sense of these strategies in this engaging interview with host Joan Michelson.

You’ll hear:

“Ladies, you need to own it….And by owning it, I mean, bring confidence that you’ve got what it takes. Own things that will make you a more profitable, build wealth for yourself, own that.…it’s hard for a lot of us to do the things that we think we naturally can’t be good at….(but) You can be trained, you can learn into almost anything. I see so many really capable, smart, awesome women and they just really need to own that.” Jean Case on Electric Ladies Podcast

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