SEC’s New Financial Climate Rules – Julie Gorte, Veteran ESG Investor, IMPAX Asset Management

“The really important thing I think about this rule (from the SEC),” Dr Gorte explained, “is that if companies are going to be on the record as having a certain level of emissions, especially as climate change gets worse, there’s going to be increasing scrutiny and pressure on them to reduce those emissions.” Dr. Julie Gorte on Electric Ladies Podcast

The Securities and Exchange Commission, the SEC, recently announced long-awaited proposed rules for how publicly-traded companies will need to report the risk to their businesses from climate change in their audited financial statements. This is a really big deal. What does it mean?

“The SEC’s statutory authority is to make sure that investors have the information they need to make informed, reasonable investment decisions,” Dr. Julie Gorte, Senior Vice President of Sustainable Investing at IMPAX Asset Management and a veteran ESG investment advisor, told me in an extensive interview about these new rules on Electric Ladies Podcast. ESG is environment, social and governance-focused investing, which is also a business strategy now.

Listen to Julie Gorte explain what these proposed rules mean exactly and more in this fascinating conversation with Electric Ladies podcast host Joan Michelson.

You’ll hear:

“The best career advice I ever got was when I was leaving academia when I had just about gotten my PhD and I had these two job offers… One of my professors said, Julie, you don’t have to decide what you’re gonna do for the rest of your life. You need to decide what you’re gonna do next. And that just, it sounds so obvious, but it just absolutely liberated me. And so I took the path less trodden, to quote Robert Frost, and my entire career has turned out really well, but not because of a plan. The only the thing that I’ve always followed is what I wanted to do.” Dr. Julie Gorte on Electric Ladies Podcast

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