Creating A Climate Positive Economy – Aimee Christensen, CEO, Christensen Global & Founder/CEO, Sun Valley Forum

“What I’m hearing is, how do we go faster? How do we transform the key industries that are driving emissions now? And, that can be the solutions to our climate crisis, to our biodiversity crisis. They’re really seeking what are the strategies, where should they be going strategically to shift capital, to shift their operations?…I’m seeing is a great eagerness to learn to act, uh, far ahead of the global targets by governments. So working with companies, working with, uh, local and regional and state governments, um, working with innovators to large corporates. Uh, what I’m hearing is how do we go faster and how do we do it in a way that is truly credible?” Aimee Christensen on Electric Ladies Podcast

Climate change affects the entire economy – every sector – and therefore, any solution requires a multi-sector, multidimensional approach. But how do those work exactly in real life? What’s working?

Aimee Christensen, CEO of Christensen Global and Founder/CEO of the Sun Valley Forum, has been collaborating with top leaders across sectors in this work every day for 30 years, making the hard choices, running the numbers, identifying financial products and metrics.

Listen to Aimee on Electric Ladies Podcast help us make sense of these strategies in this enlightening interview with host Joan Michelson.

You’ll hear:

“Something that I’ve tried to do in my career that’s been important has been to trust my gut and to be a truth teller….People are looking for community, so even if you think you might be the only one who’s raising this issue,…you will find your people. And if you don’t speak your truth, if you don’t ask the hard question, you won’t find the people who are looking to align with that aggressive leadership and trust your gut on that. So trust your gut, whether it’s about a new job, about a direction we need to be going in, even if it feels a little bit lonely, because… You’ll be proven. People will find you and want to collaborate with you.” Aimee Christensen on Electric Ladies Podcast

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