Women Voters, Climate & This Critical 2024 Election

“Women are very worried about these (extreme weather) events, and they’re the ones that really worry about the impact on communities.…They want to leave a better country for their children…They will say that climate change is something that really is on my agenda more because my children talk to me about it and they listen to their children and grandchildren. That said, the urgency around climate change ebbs and flows a little bit. Many of the single issue climate change voters are also single issue war and Gaza voters. So that’s pushed this issue out a little bit. But in the long run, women are very worried about the climate.” Celinda Lake on Electric Ladies Podcast

We are in the midst of the most consequential election in modern history, when democracy is literally on the ballot, as is protecting the planet. President Biden passed the largest climate mitigation legislation in history, with $3 trillion in investment and financial incentives in clean energy, communities, etc.  The Republican nominee, “former guy” is in the pocket of fossil fuels and promises to reverse all that funding.

What do women voters want? Listen to master opinion researcher Celinda Lake, Founder/CEO of Lake Research Partners for the unvarnished truth, with Electric Ladies podcast host Joan Michelson.

You’ll hear:

“Women often have far more skills than their resumes translate into. And actually we’re going into a good period now where I think employers and organizations are looking for the skillset that you have more than the job titles that you have. And that’s good for women because we have a lot of skills that we will have acquired in different arenas. Bring in your all… It’s tough out there. It requires resilience, but just remember that you have a tremendous amount to offer and, um, you know it, and sooner or later somebody’s going to figure that out too.” Celinda Lake on Electric Ladies podcast

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