Unusual Career Advice – Powerful Insights From 5 Renowned Electric Ladies Guests

“Women often have far more skills than their resumes translate into. And actually we’re going into a good period now where I think employers and organizations are looking for the skillset that you have more than the job titles that you have. And that’s good for women because we have a lot of skills that we will have acquired in different arenas. Bring in your all… It’s tough out there. It requires resilience, but just remember that you have a tremendous amount to offer and, um, you know it, and sooner or later somebody’s going to figure that out too.” Celinda Lake on Electric Ladies podcast

 The highly-accomplished women who appear on Electric Ladies Podcast give powerful and insightful career advice in every episode. Since listeners have asked us to air collages of some of that advice now and then, here is our next one.

This episode brings you advice from:

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